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About Company

REALITY MOVE, s.r.o., real estate agency


has been providing Real Estate services for the Slovakian and International Real Estate market since 2008.

Our company is focused on selling, buying and leasing of properties and provides a wide range of related and complementary services.


We provide general services mainly in:


* Procurement of buying, selling and leasing of properties.

* Provision of the experts opinion of the value of properties.

* Managing the legalities throughout all property needs and developments, and other legal documents.

* Expert examination of actual ownership through land registry offices and other legal conditions of properties.

* Credit and Risk assesments of clients.

* Complex counselling and consulting services.

* Effective presentation and marketing methods within the real estate maket through international directories.

* Management of properties.

* Comprehensive consulting services for developers,

* Relocation services for those, who decided to move to Slovakia or other countries.

* Procurement of various mortgages through our partner banks.


We embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates. We do business differently to give you the edge. Our interest is to provide professional direct positive services for our clients. We know that buying, selling or leasing of properties is a step for our clients, this is the reason why we offer maximum care for our clients by providing a comprehensive service.


We are looking forward to successful cooperation.



Your Real Estate Agency REALITY MOVE, s.r.o.



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